An Angel Came To Me

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

I dreamed I saw a girl
Oh, so beatiful to me
Her eyes shined like stars
As she revealed herself to me

She never said a word
As she smiled and danced for me
And then she disappeared
Now I’m left with memories

I know this must sound strange
But I’m trying to explain
How an angel came to me
Oh, an angel came
Yes, she did

Her presence was so real
And her timing so divine
I knew this was a dream
But could this girl be mine?
Maybe I’m just a fool
But sometimes dreams do come true
I’m hopelessly in love
With someone I never knew

I know this might sound strange
Still, I’m trying to explain
How an angle came to me

So incredible
So delightful
The girl of my dreams
Impossible it seems
I know you ask: How could this be?
I don’t know, I don’t know
No, I don’t know
But I wish I could explain
How an angel came to me

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