Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson

Polly, won’t you kick in my teeth?
Burn all my songs, leave me out on the street
Polly, won’t you stand on my neck?
Do what you have to, I’ll write you a check

And tell me my words are wasted on no’s
And I said: do you love me? you say you don’t know
And I’ll live my life like a man on the ropes
When I say “do you love me: say you don’t know

Polly, won’t you put out my eyes?
Tell me you’re sleeping with those other guys
And Polly, won’t you bite off my tongue?
Make me feel heartache like when I was young

Drive me out of my mind
I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine
Baby, haunt me when you die
Just give me time, just give me time
I need pain for my art
Take my lungs, break my heart
Just don’t leave me
Baby, stay here,
I can’t bear to be apart
Baby, stay here,
Please don’t leave me
I can’t bear to be apart

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