Fattest Skinny Kid Alive



To the Batmobile, let’s go

Yo’, Manix man, I’mma take this one kinda slow, alright?

Welcome to the flipside
Hope he can swim, cause if he can’t, he gonna drown on a rip tide
It’s pourin’, plus the old man ain’t snoring
Cause he gotta get up pretty damn early in the morning
Cause I’m slammin’ like Basketball Jones
Slippin’ out chrome and messin’ with the break bone
You suckers disgust me like low fat
Gimme’ a bat and I’ll show you where your head’s at
Tryna’ hit the row with the paddles you little boce?
I think you better stay home and eat your broccoli
Cause you still got a long ways to go
So you better step off cause you picked the wrong Joe
You ain’t ready to throw with the mighty man
And don’t forget about the rest of the band
So you better get used to the shrine
Cause I’ll be rappin’ as long as I can write rhymes
These palms’ll make a cup like pottery
To make you see so many stars, you’d think you studyin’ astrology
You wanted to live so tell about what you went through
You couldn’t cut the mustard if I gave you a Ginsu

Quickly, step to the side cause I’m coming through
You think you was looking to call me W or double-you?
So how could you think you outdid me
While I’m still gettin’ getaways quicker than a kidney
Steppin’ to a rabbit is stupid when you’re a turtle
Did you know you couldn’t even blow a rhyme in a circle
You little kiddies are getting a bit too frolicky
Throwing me rhymes more sorry than an apology
Testing the talking device : please
Let me give it the proper operation that it needs
To allow me to put a end to weak melody
Need it for suckers like peanut butter and celery
Friends in the zone with the words that I kick with ease
And you with the face that feel like a Pekinese
And :
My ma ha’ more tooth than a sharp pair of shears
And given that, I could love to chop to it
You remember the day you rhymes with the fools
Then you’ll know what it’s like to take a nosedive
Beat by the fattest skinny kid alive!

A’ight, we’re gonna break it down for a second, and I’mma catch my breath
And I’mma let Buttafingaz go off on a scratch for a minute
Dude, Buttafingaz, when I give you the cue
Come up with that funkyassdiculous-dope scratch
Go for it

Yeah, let me show you how the big boys play
Thinking ’bout us bustin’ out into the fat girl on a Wednesday
While I grab the steel and put you through an ordeal
So kneel before me or fear who’s more real
Imma the best mom, I’m gonna get a plat
Start flowin’ so much, I’ll be in need of a maxipad
It went so fast, my pen’ll yell at me
Did so many drugs, my song will be a felony
How’d he ever get the nerve to confront me
Well shit, that’s what you get for being clumsy
Get more steppin’ up, figure the competition
I got more jerks in my basement than you have twitches
Hope you all get played out like Batman
Work like pay dirt and bust by the Fatman
And I take no bull like a :
Blowin’ em out so fast, I swear they make me report this
Smooth as whipped cream and rough as a callous
Back to all my :, and he call me Mr. Mathers
With a soul intent for destruction
One more hit for the Downstairs Productions

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